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Think EcoPress this summer

Are you going to be in the field this summer or engaged in some new research?  If so, keep us in mind and take some photos, jot down some notes, and start thinking about how you can contribute to EcoPress over the summer or next fall.  We love hearing about all the great research at NREL, the humorous stories from the field,  and seeing the beautiful photos from all of your research locations.  We have a number of ways that you can contribute including EcoPics, From the Field, and This is How I did it, so let us help you get your science out there!

Contact Nell Campbell, Jocelyn Lavallee, or Aaron Sidder if you’re interested in writing something for EcoPress.

Featured image taken by Aaron Sidder at the Fraser Experimental Forest (CO) after a long day of field work and trekking through the forest.