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Virtual ecology field trip to Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park is a beautiful place.  Pines blanket its slopes, trout race in its glacial lakes, and elk bugle in its meadows.  In other words, the ecology of Rocky Mountain National Park is awesome!  Now you can take a virtual ecology field trip to Rocky with USGS‘s and NREL‘s own Dr. Tom Stohlgren!

Dr. Stohlgren is developing an online class not only teaching ecology but also showing what’s cool and fun about doing ecology.  These videos are a preview.  Dr. Stohlgren studies species invasion and plant diversity and has published more than 190 scientific papers.  But in case you haven’t read his papers, he has made the videos to take you on an ecology field trip to Rocky!  He and his research team are making more videos like these, and we will update you on them and the online course.  Stay tuned.  In the mean time enjoy the virtual field trip!  We hope it will bring Rocky to you and enhance your next visit to the real Rocky Mountain National Park!