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NREL/ESS Helpdesk - Remote Access

This page has information on DUO: Two Factor Authentication,  the univeristy VPN and Remote Desktop Connection to Windows computers

For security purposes, many of the university, college, and department resources are protected behind a VPN (Virtual Private Network).  You will need to connect to the VPN to access these resources.

Setting up Duo: Two Factor Authentication.

Before you can connect to the VPN at CSU you will need to set up two factor authentication. For most people this will involve setting up the DUO app on your smartphone.

To setup the Duo app please see the ACNS information page https://www.acns.colostate.edu/duo/

Accessing the VPN:

The Universities VPN essential hides online resources until you connect to it.  These same resources can be accessed when you on the University’s network on campus.  The VPN essential puts you on the campus network from anywhere in the world.

The CSU VPN can be accessed in two ways: from a browser window, or from the Pulse Secure client on your computer.  When you connect via the browser window only the links that are shown on that page are connected to the VPN.  When you use the Pulse Secure client all your network traffic goes through the VPN, essential putting your whole computer on the VPN.

    • To access the VPN from a browser.  https://secure.colostate.edu (this will install some software on your computer the first time)
    • To access the VPN from the Pulse Secure client setup “Pulse Secure” on your computer.
    • To install the Pulse Secure client on your computer or for more information about the VPN from secure.colostate.edu  go to the following WCNR help link   https://projects.warnercnr.colostate.edu/help/#PS

Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) to your Windows PC at CSU from home

A Remote Desktop connection to your computer at CSU requires the following

  • The computer that you are connecting to must have Windows 10 pro installed on it
  • The computer that you are connecting from must have Windows 10 installed on it of Mac OSX with the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client app installed on it.
  • You need to have set up Duo: Two Factor Authentication
  • You have set up a browser or Pulse Secure VPN connection.
  • For instruction on how to set up a Remote Desktop Connection go to the following WCNR help link https://projects.warnercnr.colostate.edu/help/#RD
  • Note: To upgrade your personal windows computer to Windows 10 you can purchase a license from RamTech ($50 for staff and students).