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The Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory

A center of excellence in ecosystem science since 1969.

The Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory is an interdisciplinary ecology research and teaching unit at Colorado State University. Our mission is to improve understanding of the complex interactions between ecosystems, humans, and management activities.


NREL/ESS Spring 2016 Seminar Series


Nitrogen - The OTHER Major Global Change


Hosted by Jill Baron, USGS/NREL

What humans have done and are doing to the planet has disrupted the global nitrogen (N) cycle along with the carbon cycle. The revolution in agriculture from N fertilizer unquestionably has improved access to food and better nutrition through much of the world. However, inadvertent release of excess reactive N contributes to climate change, air and water pollution, human and animal disease, and loss of biodiversity. Nitrogen management is one of the world's wickedest problems.

We present an exciting semester of cutting edge research, much of it from Colorado State University scientists, that range from basic N cycling and transport issues to management of agricultural releases, to possible global solutions. Join us!

Fridays, 11:00 AM - 12 Noon
A302-304, Third Floor, Natural and Environmental Sciences Building

A detailed schedule can be found at: NREL/ESS Spring 2016 Seminar Series