General Announcements

NREL/ESS Fall 2018 Seminar Series

The NREL/ESS Fall Departmental Seminar Series is a weekly set of scientific talks given by speakers from CSU and other institutions around the country. Speakers highlight original research that connects the departmental foci of social, physical, and ecological sciences. A subset of our seminar series will be followed directly by a catered reception for the invited speakers. All seminars are free and open to the public.

Seminars are each Wednesday at 3pm in Room A302 of the Natural and Environmental Sciences Building (NESB). Please join us each week to learn from the best and brightest at the cutting edge of sustainability and ecosystem science.

NREL/ESS Spring 2018 Seminar Series Schedule

Seminars are held each Wednesday at 3 pm in Room A302 of the Natural and Environmental Sciences Building (NESB). Please…

2018 NREL Fall Soup 'n Science Seminar Series

Soup ‘n Science is a weekly seminar series hosted by graduate students on Fridays at noon in A302. At NREL, we are engaged in diverse research projects in both terrestrial and aquatic systems. This seminar arose from the realization that there are rich opportunities to learn from each other and for us to enhance each other’s research. Now in the second iteration, Soup ‘n Science has created a venue that provides opportunities to improve our research and build new collaborations. The primary goal is to engage graduate students, post docs, research scientists, and faculty for a broader perspective on the focused work that each one of us does. Each week soup is prepared for all by a graduate student or postdoctoral researcher and lunch is accompanied by a 20 minute presentation by a member of the NREL community, with an emphasis on graduate students. Our plan is that scientific discussion will follow related to the presentation, methods, results, and possible additional analyses or collaborations.

Soup & Science Spring 2018 Series Schedule

Soup & Science is held every Friday at NOON IN ROOM A302 of the Natural and Environmental Sciences Building (NESB).…