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From the Field: Summer Field Work with Jemma Fadum

From the Field is an EcoPress series where we highlight the field work our scientists and graduate students are doing in blog posts, feature stories and on social media. This is the first blog post for the ongoing series.

Jemma Fadum is a 4th year PhD student in the Department of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability and the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology working under Dr. Ed Hall

From left to right: Jason (AMUPROLAGO intern), Ed Hall and Jemma Fadum on Lake Yojoa.

Her research focus lies in tropical limnology. This summer she spent time at Lake Yojoa, her field site in Honduras. We asked Jemma a few brief questions about her field work:

Q1: Describe your field work in a few sentences? 

A: We go out on the lake and take profiles, DNA/RNA samples (for metagenomics/transcriptomics), and water samples that we process back at the office. We then bring all our samples back to Fort Collins with us. We also take similar samples at the lake’s tributaries.

Boat view from Lake Yojoa.

Q2: What is your favorite part about your field work?

A: Getting to drink coffee on a boat in the middle of a beautiful lake and calling it ‘work’. Also the food never disappoints!

Jemma enjoying food in Honduras.

Q3: Any crazy/fun field work stories so far?

A: One time a cow wanted to help take discharge measurements. That was fun.

Jemma and her field crew taking discharge measurements and water samples at Rio Balas, one of Lake Yojoa’s tributaries.

Q4: Fun summer plans outside of field work/work?

A: Just really enjoying a vaccinated summer with family and friends. Volleyball, climbing, camping and breweries. Nothing too fancy! 

Lake Yojoa landscape shot.

Thank you for sharing your summer field work highlights with us, Jemma!