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Interview: Ed Hall- How climate change and reactive nitrogen interact in our aquatic ecosystems

Photo: C Wood //

A new open access publication from NREL/USGS scientists Jill Baron and Ed Hall evaluates how excessive reactive nitrogen and climate change interact to affect water resources in the United States. The paper is online now and will be published as part of a special issue on nitrogen in the environment:

Baron, J.S., E.K. Hall, B.T. Nolan, J.C. Finlay, E.S. Bernhardt, J.A. Harrison, F. Chan, and E.W. Boyer. 2012. Interactive effects of excess reactive nitrogen and climate change on aquatic ecosystems and water resources of the United States. Biogeochemistry.

We sat down with Dr. Ed Hall to discuss the new paper and what it all means. Check it out in the video below:

Music featured in video by Greg Brown courtesy of Red House Records. Feature image courtesy of Jeff Pang //