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Hot off the press! Winter 2018-2019 publications

Photo by Evie Shaffer on Unsplash

This summary includes publications first published online and/or in print from October 2018 through January 2019. If a publication was missed for this period, please contact Isabella Oleksy at

Alsajri, F., Singh, B., Wijewardana, C., Irby, J., Gao, W. and Reddy, K., 2019. Evaluating Soybean Cultivars for Low-and High-Temperature Tolerance During the Seedling Growth StageAgronomy9(1), p.13.

Gomola, C.E., McKay, J.K., Wallenstein, M.D., Wagg, C. and O’Brien, M.J., 2018. Within‐species trade‐offs in plant‐stimulated soil enzyme activity and growth, flowering, and seed sizeEcology and Evolution.

Helmer, E., Ruzycki, T., Wilson, B., Sherrill, K., Lefsky, M., Marcano-Vega, H., Brandeis, T., Erickson, H. and Ruefenacht, B., 2018. Tropical Deforestation and Recolonization by Exotic and Native Trees: Spatial Patterns of Tropical Forest Biomass, Functional Groups, and Species Counts and Links to Stand Age, Geoclimate, and Sustainability GoalsRemote Sensing10(11), p.1724.

Koerner, S.E., Smith, M.D., Burkepile, D.E., Hanan, N.P., Avolio, M.L., Collins, S.L., Knapp, A.K., Lemoine, N.P., Milchunas, D.G.… Forrestel, E.J., Eby, S., Thompson, D.I., et al. 2018. Change in dominance determines herbivore effects on plant biodiversityNature ecology & evolution2(12), p.1925.

Le, P.T., Hartley, L.M., Doherty, J.H., Harris, C.B. and Moore, J.C., 2018. Is being familiar with biodiversity related to reasoning about ecology?. Ecosphere9(12), p.e02532.

Li, Y., Dong, S., Gao, Q., Zhang, Y., Liu, S., Swift, D., Zhao, J., Ganjurjav, H., Hu, G., Wang, X. and Yan, Y., Grazing promotes plant functional diversity in alpine meadows on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. The Rangeland Journal.

Machmuller, M.B., Ballantyne, F., Markewitz, D., Thompson, A., Wurzburger, N., Frankson, P.T. and Mohan, J.E., 2018. Temperature sensitivity of soil respiration in a low-latitude forest ecosystem varies by season and habitat but is unaffected by experimental warming. Biogeochemistry141(1), pp.63-73.

Shaw, E.A., Boot, C.M., Moore, J.C., Wall, D.H. and Baron, J.S., 2019. Long-term nitrogen addition shifts the soil nematode community to bacterivore-dominated and reduces its ecological maturity in a subalpine forestSoil Biology and Biochemistry130, pp.177-184.

Straube, J.R., Chen, M., Parton, W.J., Asso, S., Liu, Y.A., Ojima, D.S. and Gao, W., 2018. Development of the DayCent-Photo model and integration of variable photosynthetic capacity. Frontiers of Earth Science12(4), pp.765-778.

Tsai, W.L., Leung, Y.F., McHale, M.R., Floyd, M.F. and Reich, B.J., 2018. Relationships between urban green land cover and human health at different spatial resolutions. Urban Ecosystems, pp.1-10.

West, A.M., Jarnevich, C.S., Young, N.E. and Fuller, P.L., 2018. Evaluating Potential Distribution of High‐Risk Aquatic Invasive Species in the Water Garden and Aquarium Trade at a Global Scale Based on Current Established PopulationsRisk Analysis.

Wijewardana, C., Reddy, K.R., Shankle, M.W., Meyers, S. and Gao, W., 2018. Low and high-temperature effects on sweetpotato storage root initiation and early transplant establishmentScientia Horticulturae240, pp.38-48.