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NREL/ESS Publications: April 2017

This summary includes publications first published online and/or in print during April 2017. If a publication was missed for this period, please contact Amanda Morrison at

In Print:

 Vorster, A. G., Evangelista, P. H., Stohlgren, T. J., Kumar, S., Rhoades, C. C., Hubbard, R. M., … & Elder, K. (2017). Severity of a mountain pine beetle outbreak across a range of stand conditions in Fraser Experimental Forest, Colorado, United States. Forest Ecology and Management, 389, 116-126.

Butnor, J.R., Samuelson, L.J., Johnsen, K.H., Anderson, P.H., Benecke, C.A.G., Boot, C.M., Cotrufo, M.F., Heckman, K.A., Jackson, J.A., Stokes, T.A. and Zarnoch, S.J., 2017. Vertical distribution and persistence of soil organic carbon in fire-adapted longleaf pine forestsForest Ecology and Management390, pp.15-26.

Gray, S., Jordan, R., Crall, A., Newman, G., Hmelo-Silver, C., Huang, J., Novak, W., Mellor, D., Frensley, T., Prysby, M. and Singer, A., 2017. Combining participatory modelling and citizen science to support volunteer conservation action. Biological Conservation208, pp.76-86.

Monroe, AP, LW Burger, Jr., HT Boland, and JA Martin. 2017. Economic and conservation implications of converting exotic forages to native warm-season grass. Global Ecology and Conservation 11:23-32.

Newman, G., Chandler, M., Clyde, M., McGreavy, B., Haklay, M., Ballard, H., Gray, S., Scarpino, R., Hauptfeld, R., Mellor, D. and Gallo, J., 2017. Leveraging the power of place in citizen science for effective conservation decision makingBiological Conservation208, pp.55-64.

Palmer, J., Thorburn, P. J., Biggs, J. S., Dominati, E. J., Probert, M. E., Meier, E. A., … & Parton, W. J. (2017). Nitrogen cycling from increased soil organic carbon contributes both positively and negatively to ecosystem services in wheat agro-ecosystems. Frontiers in Plant Science8, 731.

Yousef, F., Shuchman, R., Sayers, M., Fahnenstiel, G., & Henareh, A. (2017). Water clarity of the upper Great Lakes: tracking changes between 1998–2012. Journal of Great Lakes Research, 43(2), 239-247.

Young, N. E., Anderson, R. S., Chignell, S. M., Vorster, A. G., Lawrence, R., & Evangelista, P. H. (2017). A survival guide to Landsat preprocessing. Ecology.

Hoover, J. D., Leisz, S. J., & Laituri, M. E. (2017). Comparing and Combining Landsat Satellite Imagery and Participatory Data to Assess Land-Use and Land-Cover Changes in a Coastal Village in Papua New Guinea. Human Ecology, 1-14.


Wallenstein, M. D. (2017). Managing and manipulating the rhizosphere microbiome for plant health: A systems approach. Rhizosphere.