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NREL/ESS Publications: November, 2014

This summary includes publications first published online and/or in print during November 2014. If a publication was missed for this period, please contact Amanda Morrison at

In Print

Garza, S.J., G. Bowser and K.R. Wilson. Plant Community Changes Following Closure of Artesian Wells in Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado Western North American Naturalist 74(3):335-342. 2014   doi:

Mobley, M. L., R. L. McCulley, I. C. Burke, G. Peterson, D. S. Schimel, C. V. Cole, E. T. Elliott, and D. G. Westfall. 2014. Grazing and No-Till Cropping Impacts on Nitrogen Retention in Dryland Agroecosystems. J. Environ. Qual. 43:1963–1971.

Ogle, S. M., L. Olander, L. Wollenberg, T. Rosenstock, F. Tubiello, K. Paustian, L. Buendia, A. Nihart, and P. Smith. 2014. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting agricultural management for climate change in developing countries: providing the basis for action. Global Change Biology 20:1–6.

Pisani, O., K. M. Hills, D. Courtier-Murias, M. L. Haddix, E. A. Paul, R. T. Conant, A. J. Simpson, G. B. Arhonditsis, and M. J. Simpson. 2014. Accumulation of aliphatic compounds in soil with increasing mean annual temperature. Organic Geochemistry 76:118–127.

Stohlgren TJ, Szalanski AL, Gaskin J, Young N, West A, Jarnevich C, and Tripodi A. (2014) From Hybrid Swarms to Swarms of Hybrids. Environment and Ecology Research.  2: 311–318. doi:10.13189/eer.2014.020804

Zeigenfuss, L.C., K. A. Schoenecker, J.I. Ransom, D. A. Ignizio and T. Mask. Influence of Nonnative and Native Ungulate Biomass and Seasonal Precipitation on Vegetation Production in a Great Basin Ecosystem Western North American Naturalist 74(3):286-298. 2014. doi: 


Wakie, T.T. , P.H. Evangelista, S. Jarnevich, and M. Laituri. Mapping Current and Potential Distribution of Non-Native Prosopis juliflora in the Afar Region of Ethiopia. PLoSOne online, Nov. 13, 2014 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0112854