Greg Newman

Mountain being enveloved in winter storm clouds
Individual Apsen tree with changing leaves
CitSci logo on background of Aspen trees
Fallen tree across white water rapids
Aspen stand changing colors

Greg Newman - Biography


Dr. Newman is a research scientist, ecologist, and informatics specialist at the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory (NREL) at Colorado State University (CSU). He is director of He received his PhD from CSU in citizen science, community-based monitoring, and ecological informatics. His current research focuses on designing and evaluating the effectiveness of cyber-infrastructure support systems for citizen science programs. Greg strives to create innovative ecological data management and visualization solutions to help communities solve place-based environmental challenges. His research team at NREL manages the International Biological Information System (IBIS) cyber-infrastructure at NREL, a system that supports the platform and 20+ other ecological data management and web applications. He served as the inaugural board chair of the Citizen Science Association board of directors.