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NREL/ESS Publications: March & April 2018

NREL and ESS scientists have been very busy! This summary includes publications first published online and/or in print during March & April 2018. If a publication was missed for this period, please contact Isabella Oleksy at

March and April Publications

Alvarez, G., Shahzad, T., Andanson, L., Bahn, M., Wallenstein, M.D. and Fontaine, S., 2018. Catalytic power of enzymes decreases with temperature: new insights for understanding soil C cycling and microbial ecology under warming. Global change biology.

Andriuzzi, W.S., Stanish, L.F., Simmons, B.L., Jaros, C., Adams, B.J., Wall, D.H. and McKnight, D.M., 2018. Spatial and temporal patterns of microbial mats and associated invertebrates along an Antarctic stream. Polar Biology, pp.1-11.

Baur, L.E., Schoenecker, K.A. and Smith, M.D., 2017. Effects of Feral Horse Herds on Rangeland Plant Communities across a Precipitation Gradient. Western North American Naturalist77(4), pp.526-539.

Duval, B.D., Ghimire, R., Hartman, M.D. and Marsalis, M.A., 2018. Water and nitrogen management effects on semiarid sorghum production and soil trace gas flux under future climate. PloS one13(4), p.e0195782.

 Fassnacht, S.R., Heath, J.T., Venable, N.B. and Elder, K.J., 2018. Snowmobile impacts on snowpack physical and mechanical properties. The Cryosphere12(3), p.1121.

Fernández-Tschieder, E. and Binkley, D., 2018. Linking competition with Growth Dominance and production ecology. Forest Ecology and Management414, pp.99-107.

Friedman, R.S., Law, E., Bennett, N.J., Ives, C.D., Thorn, J. and Wilson, K., 2018. How just and just how? A systematic review of social equity in conservation research. Environmental Research Letters.

Hammond, J.C., Saavedra, F.A. and Kampf, S.K., 2018. How Does Snow Persistence Relate to Annual Streamflow in Mountain Watersheds of the Western US With Wet Maritime and Dry Continental Climates?. Water Resources Research.

Harden, J.W., Hugelius, G., Ahlström, A., Blankinship, J.C., Bond‐Lamberty, B., Lawrence, C.R., Loisel, J., Malhotra, A., Jackson, R.B., Ogle, S. and Phillips, C., 2018. Networking our science to characterize the state, vulnerabilities, and management opportunities of soil organic matter. Global change biology24(2), pp.e705-e718.

Huang, J., Hmelo-Silver, C.E., Jordan, R., Gray, S., Frensley, T., Newman, G. and Stern, M., 2018. Scientific discourse of citizen scientists: Models as a boundary object for collaborative problem solving. Computers in Human Behavior.

Jamsranjav, C., Reid, R.S., Fernández‐Giménez, M.E., Tsevlee, A., Yadamsuren, B. and Heiner, M., 2018. Applying a dryland degradation framework for rangelands: the case of Mongolia. Ecological Applications.

King, S.R., Schoenecker, K.A., Fike, J.A. and Oyler‐McCance, S.J., 2018. Long‐term persistence of horse fecal DNA in the environment makes equids particularly good candidates for noninvasive sampling. Ecology and evolution.

Li, S., Dong, S., Zhang, X., Liu, S., Shi, J., Gao, X., Swift, D., Xu, Y., Shen, H., Yang, M. and Margarida, C.C.A., 2018. Evolutionary history and functional traits determine the spatial pattern of multifaceted plant diversity in a typical temperate desert disturbed by an expressway. Science of The Total Environment635, pp.972-983.

Liu, C., Shen, X. and Gao, W., 2018. Intercomparison of CALIOP, MODIS, and AERONET aerosol optical depth over China during the past decade. International Journal of Remote Sensing, pp.1-25.

Monroe, J.G., Markman, D.W., Beck, W.S., Felton, A.J., Vahsen, M.L. and Pressler, Y., 2018. Ecoevolutionary Dynamics of Carbon Cycling in the Anthropocene. Trends in ecology & evolution33(3), pp.213-225.

Qin, X., Wang, H., He, Y., Li, Y.E., Li, Z., Gao, Q., Wan, Y., Qian, B., McConkey, B., DePauw, R. and Lemke, R., Parton, W.J. 2018. Simulated adaptation strategies for spring wheat to climate change in a northern high latitude environment by DAYCENT model. European Journal of Agronomy95, pp.45-56.

Saavedra, F.A., Kampf, S.K., Fassnacht, S.R., and Sibold, J.S., 2018. Changes in Andes snow cover from MODIS data, 2000–2016. The Cryosphere12(3), p.1027.

Vogeler, J.C., Braaten, J.D., Slesak, R.A. and Falkowski, M.J., 2018. Extracting the full value of the Landsat archive: Inter-sensor harmonization for the mapping of Minnesota forest canopy cover (1973–2015). Remote Sensing of Environment209, pp.363-374.

Wegener, P., Covino, T. and Rhoades, C., 2018. Combining nutrient injections and measures of ambient nutrient flux to evaluate nitrogen retention processes in wide and narrow valley stream segments of a Rocky Mountain watershed. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences.

West, A.M., Evangelista, P.H., Jarnevich, C.S. and Schulte, D., A tale of two wildfires; testing detection and prediction of invasive species distributions using models fit with topographic and spectral indices. Landscape Ecology, pp.1-16.


Online/Early View

Beck, W.S. and Hall, E.K., 2018. Addressing Confounding Factors in Algal Phosphorus Limitation Experiments. bioRxiv, p.298281.