Stephen Ogle

crops in bloom
crops in central america
Dr. Stephen Ogle digging for soil samples
Lake Maggoire with vineyards in foreground
Sugarcane stands


Dr. Stephen Ogle is a leader in research dealing with assessments of land use and management impacts on biogeochemical processes in agricultural lands.

His main research activity is improving national greenhouse gas inventories, and implementing those improvements in an operational system for US government reporting to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. He also conducts research collaboratively with economists and sociologists to better understand the drivers of land use and management decisions, and predict the likelihood of greenhouse gas mitigation in the future through adoption of conservation practices and bioenergy production in agricultural lands. He also has a keen interest in assisting governments in developing countries with improving their greenhouse gas inventories and enhancing the sustainability of agricultural lands. He has done extensive capacity-building work in over 20 countries, assisting government compilers with improving national greenhouse gas inventories in Asia, Africa, Central America and South America.

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