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NREL/ESS Publications: August-December 2023

Photo: Dawid Zawiła on Unsplash

The year of 2023 was a massive year for NREL and ESS researchers. This summary includes publications first circulated online and/or in print during the Fall of 2023. If a publication was missed for this period, please contact Melissa May at

August Publications

Vorster, A. G., Stevens-Rumann, C., Young, N., Woodward, B., Evangelista, P., … & West Fordham, A. (2023). Metrics and Considerations for Evaluating How Forest Treatments Alter Wildfire Behavior and EffectsJournal of Forestry122(1), 13-30.

McEachran, Z. P., Reese, G. C., Karwan, D. L., Slesak, R. A., & Vogeler, J. (2023). Effects of forest disturbance on water yield and peak flow in low-relief glaciated catchments assessed with Bayesian parameter estimationHydrological Processes, 37(8), e14956.

Esmaeili, S., King, S. R., & Schoenecker, K. A. (2023). Browsers or Grazers? New Insights into Feral Burro Diet Using a Non-Invasive Sampling and Plant DNA Metabarcoding ApproachAnimals13(16), 2683.

King, S. R., Cole, M. J., Barton, C., & Schoenecker, K. A. (2023). Proximate factors affecting mortality and maternal abandonment of young free-roaming feral horse foalsJournal of Veterinary Behavior66, 1-10.

September Publications

Tesfai, R. T., Parrini, F., Moehlman, P. D., Young, N. E., & Evangelista, P. H. (2023). Predicting suitable habitat for the Critically Endangered African wild ass Equus africanus in the Danakil Desert of EritreaOryx57(5), 592-599.

Ogle, S. M., Breidt, F. J., Del Grosso, S., Gurung, R., Marx, E., Spencer, S., … & Manning, D. (2023). Counterfactual scenarios reveal historical impact of cropland management on soil organic carbon stocks in the United StatesScientific Reports13(1), 14564.

Orning, E. K., Heinrichs, J. A., Pyke, D. A., Coates, P. S., & Aldridge, C. L. (2023). Using state-and-transition simulation models to scope post-fire success in restoring greater sage-grouse habitatEcological Modelling483, 110396.

Weise, C. L., Brussee, B. E., Coates, P. S., Heinrichs, J.A., Crist, M. R., Aldridge, C. L., … & Ricca, M. A. (2023). A retrospective assessment of fuel break effectiveness for containing rangeland wildfires in the sagebrush biomeJournal of Environmental Management341, 117903.

October Publications

Worku, E. A., Bro-Jørgensen, J., Evangelista, P. H., Bekele, A., Atickem, A., & Stenseth, N. C. (2023). Group size dynamics of the endangered mountain nyala (Tragelaphus buxtoni) in protected areas of the Arsi and Ahmar Mountains, EthiopiaGlobal Ecology and Conservation46, e02546.

Pacifici, M., King, S. R., Lumbierres, M., Lucherini, M., Mallon, D., Meijaard, E., … & Wiesel, I. (2023). Drivers of habitat availability for terrestrial mammals: Unravelling the role of livestock, land conversion and intrinsic traits in the past 50 yearsGlobal Change Biology29(24), 6900-6911.

Schultz, E. L., Filippelli, S. K., Vogeler, J. C., & Shriver, R. K. (2023). Density-dependent dynamics help explain the simultaneous expansion and decline of woodlands in the western USForest Ecology and Management546, 121359.

November Publications

Young, K. R., Alata, E., Chimner, R. A., Boone, R. B., Bowser, G., Bourgeau-Chavez, L., … & Zarria-Samanamud, M. (2023). Ecological Change and Livestock Governance in a Peruvian National ParkLand12(11), 2051.

Whipple, S., & Bowser, G. (2023). The buzz around biodiversity decline: Detecting pollinator shifts using a systematic reviewIscience.

Blanc-Betes, E., Gomez-Casanovas, N., Hartman, M. D., Hudiburg, T. W., Khanna, M., Parton, W. J., & DeLucia, E. H. (2023). Climate vs Energy Security: Quantifying the Trade-offs of BECCS Deployment and Overcoming Opportunity Costs on Set-Aside Land. Environmental Science & Technology, 57(48), 19732–19748.

December Publications

Ogle, S. M., Conant, R. T., Fischer, B., Haya, B. K., Manning, D. T., McCarl, B. A., & Zelikova, T. J. (2023). Policy challenges to enhance soil carbon sinks: the dirty part of making contributions to the Paris agreement by the United StatesCarbon Management14(1), 2268071.