Sarah King

Wild burrow on prairie
Wild horses.
Wild horse silhouette with clouds
Sarah King field site.
Two wild horses

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Dr. King’s work has focused on the conservation of species and landscapes. She is particularly interested in how the behavioral ecology of mammals can inform their management and conservation. She has applied this to the conservation of endangered species by examining the social behavior, home ranges, and habitat use of the Mount Graham red squirrel in Arizona, and Przewalski’s horses in Mongolia and France. Further work in Mongolia involved research on the habitat and wildlife and livestock using it, to inform an adaptive management plan for protection and restoration of the steppe. Together with Dr. Schoenecker at USGS, Dr. King is currently leading research on the behavior, ecology, and demography of feral horses and burros in the American west. This research aims to provide a scientific background for management of feral equids by the Bureau of Land Management, and in general further knowledge about equid behavior and ecology.

Through her position as co-chair of the IUCN/SSC Equid Specialist Group, Dr. King works with researchers to conserve endangered equids around the world.