Randall Boone

Sunset over gain field
Man hearding cattle on foot.
Indian paintbrush and other wild flowers.
Two men with adolescent camels.
Wildebeest in grassland.



Randall Boone - Homepage

Randall is a wildlife ecologist, but his experience is diverse, including research in ecological modeling, spatial analyses, landscape ecology, biogeographical relationships, species/habitat relationships, coupled systems modeling, and wildlife and livestock mobility, reported in more than 55 publications and 18 book chapters. Randall’s current research analyzes how landscape fragmentation can alter the numbers of livestock and wildlife that can be supported on an area, global rangeland modeling, methods of using computer simulation in education and the inclusion of underrepresented groups, agent-based approaches to household modeling, and as a means of including competition in niche dimension models assessing effects of climate change.  He teaches courses in ecosystem science, spatial analyses and geographic information systems, and agent-based modeling of ecological and social systems.

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