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NREL/ESS Publications: January 2018

This summary includes publications first published online and/or in print during January 2018. If a publication was missed for this period, please contact Isabella Oleksy at

January Publications

Abramoff, R., Xu, X., Hartman, Melanie, O’Brien, S., Feng, W., Davidson, E., Finzi, A., Moorhead, D., Schimel, J., Torn, M. and Mayes, M.A., 2018. The Millennial model: in search of measurable pools and transformations for modeling soil carbon in the new centuryBiogeochemistry137(1-2), pp.51-71.

Baron, Jill.S., Wall, Diana H., Loescher, H.W., Mourad, T., Collins, S.L. and Robertson, G.P., 2018. Henry Lewis Gholz, 1951–2017. The Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America99(1), pp.48-51.

Hall, Ed., Bernhardt, E., Bier, R., Bradford, M., Boot, C., Cotner, J., del Giorgio, P., Evans, S., Graham, E., Jones, S. and Lennon, J., 2018. Understanding How Microbiomes Influence the Systems they Inhabit: Moving from a correlative to a causal research frameworkbioRxiv, p.065128. *PRE-PRINT*

Ketz, Allison.C., Johnson, T.L., Monello, R.J., Mack, J.A., George, J.L., Kraft, B.R., Wild, M.A., Hooten, M.B. and Hobbs, N.Tom., 2018. Estimating abundance of an open population with an N‐mixture model using auxiliary data on animal movementsEcological Applications.

Moore, John C., 2018. Predicting tipping points in complex environmental systems. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, p.201721206.

Motallebi, M., Hoag, D.L., Tasdighi, A., Arabi, M., Osmond, D.L. and Boone, Randall B., 2018. The impact of relative individual ecosystem demand on stacking ecosystem credit markets. Ecosystem Services29, pp.137-144.

Schmeer, S.R., Kampf, Stephanie.K., MacDonald, Lee.H., Hewitt, J. and Wilson, Codie., 2018. Empirical models of annual post-fire erosion on mulched and unmulched hillslopes. CATENA163, pp.276-287.

Shaw, E.A., Adams, B.J., Barrett, J.E., Lyons, W.B., Virginia, R.A. and Wall, Diana H., 2018. Stable C and N isotope ratios reveal soil food web structure and identify the nematode Eudorylaimus antarcticus as an omnivore–predator in Taylor Valley, Antarctica. Polar Biology, pp.1-6.

Zhang, Yao, Suyker, A. and Paustian, Keith, 2018. Improved Crop Canopy and Water Balance Dynamics for Agroecosystem Modeling Using DayCentAgronomy Journal.