Jody Vogeler

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Dr. Jody Vogeler

Dr. Jody Vogeler is a Research Scientist with the Natural Resources Ecology Laboratory at Colorado State University. Dr. Vogeler’s research program aims to advance our understanding of ecosystem dynamics under changing climates and land use patterns using novel remote sensing data fusions and big data analytical approaches across national and international study regions. Dr. Vogeler’s research team specializes in integrating remote sensing data sets with field surveys and other reference data focusing on the intersection of wildlife habitat ecology, carbon dynamics, and human-environmental interactions within changing forest and woodland systems. She strives to keep her lab at the forefront of remote sensing technology, geospatial methodologies, and quantitative approaches, leveraging cloud computing resources and machine learning. The team also works closely with end-user partners to guide development of research goals and spatial decision support tools to contribute to sustainable management planning. Dr. Vogeler is passionate about providing opportunities for graduate students and early career as well as experienced researchers within her research lab to improve their applied remote sensing skills on her various grant-funded research projects and gain experience working on collaborative interdisciplinary research teams.

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