Jody Vogeler

wildlife habitat area sign
sunset through dead tree canopy
forest measurements
mountain with burnt forest
alpine meadow

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Dr. Jody VogelerDr. Jody Vogeler is a spatial ecologist with wide ranging research interests including forest disturbance dynamics, wildlife habitat ecology, assessing resistance and resilience within various ecosystems, and translating research results into management relevant information. With a strong background in field wildlife and vegetation research, Dr. Vogeler has built her career integrating remote sensing data sets with field surveys to better understand forest disturbance dynamics and wildlife-habitat relationships at multiple spatial and temporal scales, as well as investigating additional ecological questions within various vegetation communities. Dr. Vogeler has extensive experience processing a variety of remote sensing data, conducting geospatial analyses, and relaying strengths and limitations of spatial products to the management community across multiple western and mid-western states and ecosystems. Dr. Vogeler is currently working on several regional projects across the US integrating Landsat time series for the assessment of forest attributes and change events classified by disturbance agents to support assessments of changing land cover and land use on wildlife and fish habitat, monitoring of forest health and functioning, and quantifying regional carbon dynamics.

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